11 months ago
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Does a college see my application in conjunction with those from my same school?

Do universities see my application and compare them to other people from my school or do they just compare applications based on major? I have this question because many people from my school are applying to my top choice and I don't know if I should worry that I may not be accepted because of their superior applications. (I am an international student) Thanks!


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11 months ago

Hi! I've never heard of colleges comparing you to others from your school. I know a lot of the better schools in the US (I'm assuming that's what you're asking about) do ask for your school report which basically just states your ranking in your class, the ranking/rigor of your school, and some other things too. Superior applications from any state or country can decrease your chances of getting in, depending on where you stand as a student/their applications. You'll be compared to other students applying based on major, not your school.


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