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SAT's Math score

Does SAT's math's score cover up my mathematics score in general for engineering program, if I haven't taken the math exam in my 12th grade (but I have math's score from 11th grade)?


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a year ago

It's going to depend on what your grades for math have been over the last few years and what schools you plan on applying to. If you're going for an engineering program you need be able to demonstrate strong skills in math on a consistent basis. This means good grades and good standardized test scores or great grades/test scores if you're planning on applying to top schools. One bad grade can probably be made up for with strong test scores but if your grades haven't been the best it's unlikely getting a good score on the SAT math section can make up for that. You could look into taking the SAT II math tests and if you score well on those (I'm talking perfect scores or close to it) it might give you a slight boost too but overcoming bad grades can be difficult.

I'm happy to answer more questions if you have any and good luck with your applications!


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