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Can I apply Early Decision to Cornell and REA to Yale together ?

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No. SCEA/REA at Yale is called "single choice" or "restrictive" for a reason. Here is the explanation of the policy:

"Yale’s Early Action plan is unlike many other programs in that if you apply for Single-Choice Early Action at Yale, you may not simultaneously apply for Early Action or Early Decision to any other school with a few exceptions."

These exceptions are public universities (like the University of Michigan, Georgia Tech, and UVA just to name a few), rolling admissions colleges (like Florida Tech and Pitt), and colleges outside of the United States.

One of the big rules of SCEA is that if you apply to one of these exceptions, it has to be NON-BINDING. This means that you cannot be required to go to the other college to which you apply early.

So you have to pick one. If you like Yale more, apply SCEA to Yale. If you like Cornell and it is your number 1 choice, then ED to Cornell. Remember Early Decision is binding, so you must be sure that Cornell is your NUMBER 1 CHOICE.

If you apply SCEA to Yale, you can apply early action to other PUBLIC universities. So for instance, you could apply to Yale, Michigan, and UVA all through early action. But you CANNOT apply ED to any college.


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