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İs it possible to get in MİT as an international student with winning 3 national science olympiads in physics?

I am aplying in 2021 and I am an international student with 3 medals in physics national olympiad. I have started my channel about art and I hope i will gain100K subscribers. I have also done a research in nanotechnology, but it was not so competitive and was not published anywhere. And I also took first place in international physics olympiad, not so popular, but organised by Moscow State Physics and Math University. I need more awards and I really do want to get in, but unfortunately a lot of science olympiads got cancelled this year because of coronavirus. For example: Ipho 2020 got cancelled. Now I am preparing for IZHO 2021, and I really hope it is going to be held. If you know where else (science fairs, research programs, olympiads) to take part in, any contests in physics for 2020-2021, where international students can take part, please tell me. And I am also looking for some extracurriculars advice and ways to stand out to get accepted in MIT. If you are already an MIT student or just have some advice to give, I will be really thankful, but, please, do not give me any advice about SAT, i do not need it. I am interested in art, and if you have some contests for international students in art as well, please share.

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Yes... but... I have to admit... your personality comes off as very 'flamboyant.' MIT doesn't care 100% about awards. Awards just proved you did something. You could be a genius and they will still reject you(like every single year). What they care about are passion and personality. Also, you don't really stand out from the average MIT applicant because most of them are like you.

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