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Am I on a good path, any advice for a freshman?

I'm a freshman, my passions include math and computer science. I've designed a web application that aims to make homework and studying more fun, effective, and healthy during distance learning for elementary students. My goal is to get it promoted by my school district. I've reached out to a CS teacher at school to advise me in the process. So far, I've pitched it to a CS class and gotten some constructive user feedback, with the bugs and pitch (It went well:)!! Currently, I'm about to do a trial run with a group of 90 elementary students with my application. I'm also about to conduct a study on students' study/homework habits in my school district. I've reached out to a professor at a university to help give me advice on how to effectively, conduct the study.

I'm also planning to enter my web-application into a national app competition with a partner.

I've also started a YouTube Channel that explains hard math concepts or ideas in an elementary friendly way for elementary students.

I'm also fleshing out an idea about starting an organization/club (The website club) as of right now I'm thinking of making it into a non-profit that makes websites for small business, non-profits, and bloggers for free, members will be kind of "paid" with the experience they get from making websites. The organization will allow students of all ages to join, when the organization/club starts up we'll host coding workshops for elementary students and maybe even a computer drive, later on, to provide students with computers.

So so far, I have 3 EC's I'm devoted to, I'm also in my school's coding club (I go there to get more experience with coding, the club president is supper knowledge and I learn a lot :D) And I'm trying to land a teaching position in an organization that gives Chromebook training to teachers and students. And I'm considering starting a blog, but I'm having a hard time deciding on what the topic should be, I have a lot of ideas for the topic but I can't land on one.

I think I've been back logged because I'm having a hard time determining my soft spike at the moment. I have a lot of ideas but decided to take some time to think about what my "niche" is If I have one is. If you see a common denominator in my activities, I'd appreciate your point of view or input on how my EC's are looking!

Additionally: if you think I should cut out some of the EC's or do something differently, I'd appreciate any feedback/advice you have for a 9th grader.

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Also, do any of you keep EC logs? If you do how do you remember to write in them, I think I might just record myself talking cuz I can talk faster then I write (lol, pretty sure everyone can), this is kind of random, sorry.

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4 years ago

WOW. You have a lot of extracurriculars. I think you will surely do very good and probably most colleges and universities even Ivy leagues will be very impressed. There isn't that many people that have resumés like yours. I would just say to make sure to do well in school getting high GPA and taking AP or IB classes to match your strong extracurriculars. If you get it promoted by your school I think any place will be impressed especially when applying for CS which I'm guessing you are. Good luck man and continue your hard work!

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