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Will I stand out to college's if I am the only one applying in my region?


Hello, so the vast majority of the students here only apply to local colleges or no college at all. I live in a rural area where most of us are low income, including myself, so schools with less than a 60% acceptance rate are pretty rare for students to get into or try to get into here. I am wondering if I will stand out to a college with this being the case, like, if they will see that no one else at my school is applying to college's nearly as competitive. Even if it does make me stick out I understand it won't be much... I am just curious and very bored as I wait for my admission results. Thanks!


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Some key things about yourself are missing from your question like how you compare academically to students in your zip code or the surrounding area and what your stats are because it would be nice to know whether you are average, above average, or a top 1% type of student from your test scores and grades and course rigor. If you stand out as a US student, colleges will pay more attention to you because they know how difficult it is to excel at learning in marginalized communities. All top colleges want the kid who scores 1500 or 34 on their SATs when the average is 900 in your town. If there is nothing in particular about your academic record that makes you competitive in the US or nothing about your ECs that shows you have a unique and gifted talent to do sports or win debates or be a community leader, then they are not going to treat you any differently than they would treat a similar applicant from another county or state or country.

Since you are low income, and I'm not sure because you didn't write it so that you are high achieving, think about sign up for an online mentor from one of the dozens of community-based organizations that try to help low income high achieving students. The one that comes to mind is Matriculate.





Good Luck and don't be afraid to contact these organizations for help right away.

Well, I am in the top of my class (I am 4th out of 71 but the 3 above me are verrryyy close to my GPA who knows I could be 1st at the end of the year). I made All-State PMEA band my junior year, I have a 1420 SAT (which is great compared to what others get here), and I have had amazing leadership positions in my marching band. I know that these are not necessarily good in comparison to other students from other places, but... Idk, it is outstanding for around here.
For sure you are a high achieving student then. BTW are you a junior or a senior? And what schools are you thinking about?
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It will help if you are at the top of your area. If not, then not much. You have to stand toe to toe as some of the top applicants and that demographic will play its advantage.