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Is my coursework going to bring down my chances by 20%?


Okay, so I know that collegevine claims to be able to correct for available AP and Honors courses at your school in the chancing profile, but I am confused about something. When entering all of the correct information (1 AP course out of 2 available at my school), my chances for UNC, UMich, and UT are all reach. Well, I changed only the coursework to see what would happen (6 AP courses out of 7 available), and suddenly each of these schools became a match.... How? It worries me a little bit because I thought that not being able to take AP courses at school because of availability is something colleges would understand, but this makes it seem like not being able to take these courses plummets my chances. I even tried putting in that I took 2 out of 2 AP courses available, and still the schools were a reach for me. Be honest, will I actually have this much of a disadvantage because of what my school offers?


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Its better to have more AP's but I think you just misinterpret. When they say we are understanding, they mean to say that if you took 2/2 AP's it would be better than someone else who took 2/7 or 3/7 however when you bump up the amount of AP's taken to 6 then it is a bigger change and as a result even though you were constrained, you still are less favourable than someone with triple the AP's. If you apply to Ivy's or other T20 schools it will bright down your chances however the ones you listed don't seem as though it would go down too much. Don't worry!

Id also email but 1/2 is 50% while 6/7 is 86%
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If you tell colleges this in your application, they will usually forget it. It won't harm you, but it won't benefit you. Also, if you come from a less fortunate school, you can write about it and it may increase your chances of admission.