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Are my ECs good for competitive schools?

I'm not sure if this would count as a chance-me or not... if it is, just let me know and I will get rid of this question

I want to know if my ECs are competitive and stand out. In the rural area I live in I do not have too many opportunities, but I have made the most of it. Here is a list of my ECs

-PMEA Region and All-State band 2 years in a row.

-PMEA Jazz Band first chair my junior year (probably will be the same this year if we have it)

-Drum major in the marching band for two years, section leader the two years prior to that.

-National Honor Society, but I am not an officer.

-FJM, a leadership camp I do every year (I won an award my second year as the most outstanding section leader)

-Concert band President two years in a row

-Intern for three years at our school's Summer Music School

-Percussion ensemble (No special distinctions there)

P.S., I am not going to major in music. I'm not sure how much that changes things but, there is absolutely no science-related ECs where I live, let alone in my field of interest. I am not very athletic either, so yes, all of my ECs are music related. I hope that doesn't hurt anything.

@CodenameKranvagn3 years ago

Fairly competitive and can get you into some decent schools like UCLA/UCB(I consider these schools 4/5s), but reaching for schools like Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and basically all those super far reaches will need amazing essays to compliment them. So yes they are good for decent competitive schools but the most competitive schools, I will say that they are average to them. Also depends on major, if you are doing humanities, it can help, tech stuff like COMPSCI or Engineering, not so much.

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3 years ago

I believe that your EC's show a strong passion for music. I don't think any AO would have anything negative to find there; you haven't participated in something that you wouldn't enjoy and that is something, I'm sure the AO's really like. While most students would do things just because they want to showcase them in their Activities section, you haven't. It screams volumes about your personality, and how you stick to what you love and enjoy.

I would, however, suggest that you write a personal statement supporting your love for music and how, from music, stemmed a love for the sciences. I don't know what exactly you want to major in, but I would suggest that you somehow draw a connection between the pair. If you have already finished your Common App essay, I'd suggest you do this in your, 'Why this major?' supplements.

I find your EC's to be good enough for a highly competitive school, especially because you TRIED even if you hail from a rural background. Give them some strong essays and you will definitely be someone that they may consider!

All the best!!!

3 years ago[edited]

I think ur ECs are good enough for opportunities that r given to u. The admissions officers do not compare ur accomplishments to someone from another nation or even high school. It’s all about taking advantage of those little opportunities that r provided to us personally and during these times I think it’s hard for all of us to look for opportunities in ECs. So I’m sure U’ll be good : )

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