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Are SL IB classes considered less rigorous by admission officers?


I'm a student in the U.S. that's pursuing the IB diploma. In IB there are two levels of classes SL and HL. I'm currently taking SL math analysis and SL science. Will taking SL classes in the math and science area matter if my major isn't going to be related to math or science? In addition, do admission officers consider SL and HL IB classes the same in terms of rigor?


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I'm in the IB diploma program at my school as well, and for the diploma it's impossible (at least at my school) to take all HL classes, so I think it's totally fine. The diploma program is seen as one of the most rigorous, if not the most rigorous schedule to have, so I think that if you're going for the diploma, that should be enough in terms of having a rigorous course load. In general though, SL classes are easier than HL and since they're only one year mostly and go less deep in terms of content, colleges won't usually give credit for them and they might see them as less rigorous than HL classes. Hope this helps!