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Should I lock my social media accounts during the college app process?



I have a Twitter account and am wondering if I should lock it during the college application process. I have made a few political statements on there and am concerned it may hurt my chances. Do colleges even look at my twitter account? And if so, should I lock my account?


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well i mean in this case it just depends on the school some of the Admissions officers do look at social media accounts for prospective students. Racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination can greatly harm your college admissions chances. They suggest that you are capable of intolerance something that is unwelcome on college campuses. But i did some more re search and according to the survey, other college admissions officers think looking at social media profiles is an “invasion of privacy”. They feel that all of the information needed to make a decision about a student will be found in their application, such as GPA, letters of recommendation and personal statements. But i mean it just depends on the school.

Also you can just make your account private. They can't access it or view private information unless you let them. SO dont share password or do some crazy nonsense things or just be careful because a friend turned enemy will try to dig your dirt by adding you on social media or following you using poser accounts.I would just say make your account private. But you do what is best helpful for you.
okay, thank you. I just called some politician hypocritical and that kind of stuff.
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I think you should try to be as least controversial as possible. If your political statements clash with the opinions of admission officers, it may reflect badly on your application. Some admission officers do look at accounts because they want to see who you are. I would recommend locking it, just in case.

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I may be wrong but personally I’m pretty sure colleges just see you follow them and use that to see that you show interest. They don’t follow you back and see what you tweet. Unless you tweet at them but that isn’t advisable. Hope this helps! (Assumes they track interest. Common data set section c will say if they factor that in)

*Please refer to comment for “charecter issues”

An example may be:

At a college fair a school representative may see you having a super long convo with another school but that doesn’t matter to the school you are talking with now.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!

Can someone explain how this is wrong? Anecdotes I’ve heard from Admissions is that they only check for charecter qualities ie racism sexism etc if it was brought to thier attention.
I know, you are right nobody said you were wrong but it just depends on the type of school it is.
Thought of something that didn’t apply. Oops
So for twitter especially if they don’t track interest they don’t look at social media unless they recieve a report of a charecter Ill ie racism something that is indefensible (actually had someone say to me genocide is justifiable) or criminal acts ie drugs etc what you tweet doesn’t matter. Unless you tweet something at them like @slimey said they typically don’t look/see it. As the question asked is it okay to use twitter to interact with a school if I have used twitter with political stuff?
It does depend on the school as slimey said primarily if they track interest. They wouldn’t likely look at your personal tweet unless as I said a charecter ill comes up. Colleges don’t follow you back. Hope I’m making sense. TL DR; depends on school policy but schools 95% don’t seek out your personal twitter.
exactly ^^ right i agree
Yeah no my social media use was limited to calling certain politicians hypocrites and lamenting over failed action on climate change. And some stuff related to US Elections.
Yeh thats fine @adri.