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Is there a better way to manage hw?What can help me stand out if my school doesn't give essay assignments?

- Hi, I'm a sophmore and I'd like to know if there's a better way to manage time when doing homework. I often get random bursts of energy, and end up doing the most work then, however this usually ends up being around 3-9 pm. And I only ever have 2 bursts before I tire myself out and become bored and sleepy. Meaning I'll end up working too much on a certain assignment and get a good grade there, but waste my energy on that, so the rest of my work ends up being incomplete or doesn't have that much thought put into it. (This is me writing during one of my bursts, so I'm going to try to do work on a class I don't have a very great grade on...)

- My second question is what would help me stand out to colleges if my high school doesn't give out major research essays or major essays in general. Most essays are in history class or english, but in history they're pretty rare. For english they have us write narrative's or poems, and while I have no problem with that, I want to make a good essay about political structures or physics development and the such, just so I can understand the type of word-count essays I'd need to do in a uni. Are there scholarships for them, or do schools in my area just make the essays optional?


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3 years ago[edited]

Hi there! Answering the first question, I can say that you should save your energy and plan your schedule more carefully. The solution usually lies in online resources which could make the life easier. Once I started using https://assignmentbro.com/uk/homework-help I forgot about the anxiety and stress. As you told, the essays usually need more preparation, and writing about political structures or physics development is much harder, than writing a poem.

4 years ago

For your first question. Estimate how much time each assignment would take you if you were working consistently. For example, math might take you an hour and a half. Set a timer for each assignment and don't stop until times up. Sometimes it's starting the assignment that takes the longest. I use the 5-second technique. So I set up my homework and I count down from 5. Once I hit 0, I start. Hopefully, this helps :)

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