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ACT writing score

I killed it on the ACT writing! 10/12.

I want to add that to my chancing profile.

How can I do that?

My math score was horrid so I want to make amends!

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Unfortunately, there is no separate check box to include an essay score for either the SAT or ACT.

Perhaps that is a good feature to include in the future chancing profile because like you there are many students like me that got a 10-12 on the ACT or a 20-24 on the SAT essay sections.

I'm including these links to schools that value the essay portion and they have lists of schools that require them and schools that recommend them.



The way I would use these lists is try to find where your college list fits in. How many schools recommend vs require vs don't care about them.

You know this already but there is no way to make up for a low math score with an English, Reading, or Writing score. If you have time to take the Nov test, I would try to get your Math score up.

Good luck with your application process!


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