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Why are college acceptance rate decreasing at a rapid rate? Will it affect my chances of applying to a university?

Not long ago, I checked the acceptance rate for USC and UC Berkely and found that they were at a 17-18 % acceptance rate. But now, they are at a 13% or 14% acceptance rate. Will it be harder for me to get accepted to both unvieristy now? Was it easier when it was at such a not high, but not low acceptance rate?


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11 months ago[edited]

I researched the actual press releases from both USC and UCBerkeley and they are different than what you wrote.

I've attached the articles from both colleges so you can make an educated guess what they are going to be this admissions cycle

USC - 2023 admit rate was 11.4%, 2024 admit rate was 16.0% (USC suffered more than UCB because of Varsity Blue Admissions scandal and how they handled it, otherwise the admit rate would have not gone up that much IMO maybe to 13-14%)

UCBerkeley -both 2023 and 2024 admit rates were 15% unchanged.




I'm no admissions guru but, I expect both schools to be a little softer with admit rates because there are fewer applicants in general and yield pressure since both schools were going to the waiting list to fill seats this year more than last year.

So my prediction for USC is 18%, and 16.5 for UC Berkeley this year.

Hope that helps you in your decision to apply or not.


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