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Are my SAT scores good enough to submit?


After not being in school for 7 months from COVID, I had to take the SAT as a senior and on only my second day of school. All in all, I got a 1080 and I don't think it is high. All of the schools I am applying to are test optional, and I need some opinions on whether I should apply as test optional and not submit my scores or if I should submit them.


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Hi there! Firstly, congrats on your score! You should be proud of yourself- it's hard to get the motivation to study for a standardized test during this time so I applaud you.

Next, to answer your question, I would definitely say to look at the specific score of the school you are looking at. For example, your score may be perfectly in-range/above-range for some colleges but below for others. If your score is in the middle 50% range of SAT scores (this can typically be found with a simple google search or visit to the school undergrad website), then totally go for it! If not, you can definitely just apply test-optional. Only send in your test scores if you think it will definitely HELP you :)

Best of luck!!!

Great answer, just wanted to drop this article here, as it has our guidance for submitting scores (we recommend submitting if within 60 pts of the 25th percentile, as we expect scores to be lower this year):
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If your grades are good I would definitely not submit. They are below average(well depends on the school) so if you have good grades and good EC, it makes up for it and makes you look way better. Harvard/Stanford/UCLA/UMICH/UCHIC are usually 1450+ and 1080 is very under so I wouldn't send them. Unless you are applying to a school with less SAT averages, I wouldn't send them and spend time focusing on more important things like your passion, your ECs, your essays and etc.