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What extra curricular activities should I do?

Hi! I am a freshman in high school, and I have had A+ grades my entire life. I plan to become either a forensic psychologist or adolescent psychologist. My dream school is UC-Berkeley, and as many people may know, UC-Berkeley is a very selective school with extremely high standards. I honestly don't know what I would do if I couldn't get into it. I just want some advice on some clubs or organizations I should join in order to increase my chances of being recognized, and eventually selected to go to UC-Berkeley.


-I take dual-enrollment courses in College, and I am about to complete a Music Appreciation and Computer 101 class. I have Psychology and Western Civilization next term.

-I have competed in multiple Spelling Bee's, including state. (I know middle school achievements aren't necessarily important.)

-I was in Academic Challenge all of middle school, and captain for two years.

-I play basketball, and softball. (I play point guard and 2nd base.)

-I started an Environmental Club.

-I plan to start a Days for Girls program at my school.

-I take Honors classes.

-I am part of a state-wide Sustainability Club.

-I am starting my own clothing business.

-My GPA is currently 4.86.

-I have won 2 state-wide art competitions, and 1 county-wide.

-I went to a Magnet Art school for Visual Arts.

I really can't think of anything else, but if anyone has some good suggestions for any clubs I can join (or create) that will increase my chances of getting into UC-Berkeley, please tell! Thanks!! <3

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Good extracurriculars but questionable. You should also do an EC because you like it, not to impress a college. UCs usually care a lot about grades and ECs so they seem pretty good.


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