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Should I submit the optional COVID essay on the Common App?

Hi there! Fortunately, I did not have any significant issues during COVID although I definitely had a lot of things canceled (several programs, an internship, etc) but I was able to adapt and actually did alot of things during COVID. I have heard conflicting views on whether a student should write something if there are no extraordinary circumstances (job losses, deaths, etc). That said, I also read the WSJ insert on college applications a few months ago and it suggested that admissions officers are looking forward to reading students' reflections on COVID in their essay. When would you recommend that a student write this optional essay on the common app?

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Thank you! I realize it should not be simply a list of what I did, but something significant. Appreciate it!

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Hi Julie,

I have actually being to a lot of webinar and asked experts on that topic.

So basically, if you felt like those really impacted you, that you are able to write something about it, definitely do.

But if you do not feel those have impacted you much, I think it's better to list those lost program on the additional information sections.

If you did something great/good during COVID 19 that is going to impress the admission officer, definitely write about it as well !

I hope you find my answer helpful,

Thank you


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