11 months ago
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Reapplication to the same college

I got rejected from all the schools I applied to last year, and I'm considering applying to some again. I think my application was a bit rushed and not succinct, partly because I ran the whole application process by myself when I knew barely anything college applications in America. Now I've been able to reflect and provide enough information for my extracurriculars and essays. Will colleges, especially top-tier ones I applied to last year, make reference to my previous application or open it.

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@arielUC2511 months ago

Likely not although most do ask if you've applied again. Plenty of colleges admit students who reapply though.

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10 months ago

I would definitely reapply. As to whether colleges will ask you, it depends on the college, but most will not make any reference to it. Like @adri said, plenty of colleges admit students who reapply, so in my opinion you have just as good a shot as if you were applying for the first time.

11 months ago

Unless your college application is completely different and amazing, Colleges will usually keep the decision to reject you. If it's just some minor differences, they will likely not accept. You also have to make sure you're competitive.


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