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Should I include an expected honor on my CommonApp?

My sophomore year, I was one of my school's two representatives for the HOBY leadership conference. One of the major advantages of attending is that HOBY is a certifying organization for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award, and you receive the award if you log at least a hundred hours in a year through their program. I completed this a few months ago, but because of COVID, they've extended the deadline of when they send the names of students who've completed the service challenge to the PVSA organization until December to give students more time. The problem is that my early action deadline is a month before then in November, so I won't receive the official PVSA letter by then. I've been in contact with HOBY about this over the past month, and they sent me a letter of certification saying that I've completed the 100 hours and that my name will be passed on for the award. Could I still include the Presidential Volunteer Service Award under my Honors section? I have it listed now as "Presidential Volunteer Service Award, Bronze (Certified through HOBY Leadership 4 Service) but I don't want to come across as dishonest since technically I won't get the award for another month, even though I'm certain I'll receive it then since I contacted HOBY to make sure. My other options could be explaining this in the COVID section and giving the contact info for the people at HOBY who certified it, but I wasn't sure if that section should just be for serious effects of COVID. Or I can try and rephrase it to include (Will receive in December, certified through HOBY) or something like that. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


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11 months ago

Yes, you should

I actually got the President's Volunteer Service Award the gold award, so I know that there really isn't a place online you can check expect the organization's admin logins on the website, or if the organization decides to put it on their website.

And since they gave you a letter, by the time college review your app, you already got the award already, so no worries on that.

I would say put it in honors section for better outlook, maybe you can explain you are guaranteed but delayed by covid in the additional information section, who knows if they will check it after they see yours honors, lmao

There isn't a place online to check for the award unless the organization's website have your name


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