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Should I enter National Merit Commended Scholar on my college app, and if so, what tier would it be under?


Took the PSAT, got a NMS index of 218 (well above what the expected cutoff for the US is, but likely a few points too low for my home state cutoff for the official scholarship.


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Do you mean here on CV or on your application itself? NMS Commended usually goes on the Awards/Honors section of the Common App, and it's relatively prestigious.

Both. I am wondering about Collegevine because it seems to be between a C and D tier depending on which metric is being used.
I would usually err on the side of caution if you're split between tiers and go with the lower one; it's usually better to be cautious rather than to get an estimate that's too high.
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Congrats on doing so well on the PSAT, you must've worked hard! I agree that you should err on the side of caution when choosing between what tier to rank it as. If you think it's a C or D tier, go D.

thank you