11 months ago
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Logging time spent on extraculricures.

Hello! I'm wondering how you keep track of how much time you spend on ECs. Since most of them are based at home (Almost all of my EC's at the moment are passion projects) and or are virtual I've been having a hard time logging how much time I spend on them, I know it should be an estimation, but I'm not doing to well on recognizing how much time I put into each EC. I tried using a schedule but that quickly backfired because I felt rushed and the time I need for each EC varies day to day. So If any of you could share how you keep track of how much time you put into your ECs each week, I'd appreciate it!


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11 months ago

So one of my attitudes varies week week to week so I just average it or guesstimate. My virtual club can meet for 6 hours a week or 4 hours a week it depends on how much we need to get done so I just lost it as 5 hours a week.


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