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I'm an international student and I'm planning to take admission in the States. I noticed that my chances for my target universities are very low as shown by CollegeVine. It was mostly due to the fact that in my country no AP or Honor courses are offered. However, the coursework of our 11th and 12th grade have about the same elements of an AP or honor courses. In my transcript, all the maths course I've done have been generalized as Math, instead of mentioning the individual courses taken. Should I mention somewhere on my application that I've already taken courses such as Calculus?

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I’m facing a similar problem since usually in the American education system, each and every part of math ( geometry, algebra, calculus) is considered a different course but in a lot of other countries it’s just knows as Math and that includes everything. That’s a similar case with physics, chem, social science too. Social science covers everything including world history, geography, economics etc but for us it’s still considered the same subject

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I've been wondering the same thing. I believe my second/third year courses have been rigorous, but not APs or honors. I think most reach out to high school counselors to fully understand various transcripts and coursework.

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You can definitely write about it in your additional information section. Keep in mind that your counselors send a "school report" to the colleges that you apply to. This means that admission officers will know what classes were available to you. As long as you took a rigorous courseload relative to your school, you should be fine. You won't get penalized for something you can't control.


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