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Do I need to mention in application forms that ap classes are not available in our country ?

I’m an international student planning to send applications for undergraduate in the States. In our national education set up, there is nothing such as ap or honors class. I attend a highly competitive prep school but I’m not sure what to do about the course rigour section of the common application. As an international student, do I need to mention somewhere about the fact that ap classes are not available in our country or Do the colleges already know about this ? Also, What should I fill in the course credit section since I do attend a prep school with slightly higher level of classes as compared to normal (I was confused since I think colleges most probably should know that ap classes are specific to only a few countries).

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AOs understand that not every country or school offer APs and accept all sorts of educations from a variety of curricula. Since you are doing a high-level course, mention that. AOs are most likely going to know what it is if it is a relatively popular course, if not they can simply do their research. In the course credit section you can fill in the name of your course and the grading scale and your grades, while it doesn't have to be from the list, it most likely will be an option.

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11 months ago

Admissions officers will understand that AP courses aren't widely offered abroad. Most colleges ask school counselors (or whoever is sending your transcript) to include a digest of the classes offered.

I'm a little confused by your question about course credit though - are you looking at the Common App? I don't see a place that asks about credit, though there are spaces to specify the course level. In your case, if you're taking harder classes than normal, you can probably mark them "Advanced."

11 months ago

Definitely here in the states, every high school shows the courses that they offer and what requirements had to be completed in order to graduate. Talk to your administration and see if they do something similar- I'm sure that they do.


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