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As a nervous test taker, how would I explain average SAT scores to colleges?


While I have SAT scores that are good enough to send to more than half my schools, one school wants to know why I am not submitting my scores; I explained my hopes for my first score, how I needed ample time to study for my second test (but it got cancelled), and how I was preparing to take it a third time but I felt uncomfortable/unsafe given the current situation. I was wondering if I should add my test anxiety to the explanation? If so, how should I go about explaining that? Thank you!


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You could say that Oh COVID-19 didn't allow me to take it but that would also be 'misleading' so being truthful usually works giving like an explanation that "I wasn't happy with my score and I wasn't able to take it another time due to COVID-19." I would say might be the best one. It's honest and truthful(if that is your circumstance).

So should I exclude my test taking anxiety from the explanation? I wrote what you suggested originally, I just wasn't sure if I should have added something that further justifies why I chose not to submit my scores.
Yes I think that you should, even though lots of people get test anxiety, it is still a factor in why you decided to not submit a test score. Being truthful and honest is always better.