11 months ago
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What happens if I submit my common app application on time but my Letter of Recommendation and Transcript is late?

I am applying to different schools for early action. I will finish my Common app application on time but I don't know if my school will be able to send my letter of recommendation and transcript on time. If I send my application on time but my school sends my transcript late, will they still review my application? If they don't review my application, are they going to move it to a regular decision or reject it?


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11 months ago

The answer really just depends on the college. At college webinars that I've been to, admission officers stated that they usually understand that teachers and counselors are busy this time of year and will be lenient and wait for your letters of recommendation/transcript-aS LONG as you submitted your application through the common app.

There are two things that YOU can do:

1) Email the colleges that you are applying to and tell them about your situation; most colleges will be flexible.

2) Pester your teachers and counselors to submit the materials; constantly remind them... email them... talk to them at school(if you can)

11 months ago

Usually if you submitted through Common App the college won't care and understand that it is not in your control. Kindly remind them and just be like hey im submitting/ submitted on ______ date. Hope this can help


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