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Im going to end the year with a B- in Algebra 2 Honors. Will this impact my future in an engineering or STEM major?

I am a freshman taking a junior level Algebra math course in school.

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@txnia.m2 years ago

Of course not, my freshman year of high school I got an 89% in the class in first semester and was able to bring it up to an A second semester. For most colleges, freshmen year does not make much of an impact. Don't worry :) Try a bit harder in sophomore year though.

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Thank you for helping me!

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2 years ago[edited]

As other people here have said, freshman year is typically the least important for colleges. They'll put a lot more stock into your junior year and senior fall.

Separately though, no matter what the year, one B- isn't going to kill your chances at anything. Your overall GPA is much more important, and while a B- would pull that down a bit, a mix of As and Bs is still going to give you a strong enough GPA for most places.

2 years ago

Nope, most 99% of colleges only look at your Junior/Senior Year grades. You'll be just fine, and keep up the good work.

2 years ago

Adding on another answer of no! A single grade of a B- won't matter much, if at all, to colleges. I think this might be especially true when you're a freshman taking a junior level course.


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