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Is there any academic competition that is ongoing and not cancelled by the pandemic?


I am from California and from where I am, there isn't some academic competition that I would like to partake in such as STEM and Math competitions.


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There's a lot you can find by just google searching "STEM competitions for high schoolers 2020" or something like that. A couple of ones are the olympiads (biology, chemistry, physics, earth and space, there might be more). If your interested in research, there's ISEF, JSHS, MIT Think, and some others you can also find on the web. I know Collegevine has some good articles with lists of different competitions you could do.

Yo thank you for the response! Are these competitions held virtually or in person? I'm just asking because I have overprotective parents .
A lot of written tests I think can be both. You just need a proctor watching you and making sure you don't cheat (Your parents would work).