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how to write a recommendation letter


My counselor want to write Letter of recommendation.please help him how to write


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So obviously I can’t write the letter for you but a decent template is

Chaitanya is insert adjectives. Insert anecdote about academic ability. Tie that into an outside of class activity. Give praise chaitanya.

Give recommendation (example: I’m confident that Chaitanaya will succeed at whatever institution she chooses to attend.

(This is 100% not perfect but should serve as something to expand on)

A rudimentary guide can be founde here

Some examples can be found here

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!

Ok that's great 👍 can I send you sample what my Sir has written it..
That is technically not allowed due to FERPA so unfortunately I cant look at it or you for that matter.
Ok But can you help me in... CSS profile.. like I don't know how to fill it..
Id go to youtube and search "css profile how to" as I don't know much about CSS so wouldn't be able to help much
Hello, thanks for answering me ... Can you modify my MIT short essay??
And if yes can we chat just through email as I don't want to make them to see for public... As I am applying this Fall2021
Try using the peer essay review. I dont really do essay review. And I don't feel comfortable sharing my email.