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Please kindly explain the extracurricular activity tiers and their interpretation. (?)

How are the extracurricular activities ranked. Please explain and interpret the tier ranking system you have on the chancing profile.


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So Tier A is like being the president of a national organization or winning a very prestigious award like winning an award nationally as in a national tournament. Tier I is like sometimes I d that as a hobby. Id guesstimate most activities are around tier F like competing in most sports is tier F and being an officer in a club is likely tier f. If you go to your profile page select the category and scroll through the tiers and find the description that is most true. Not all will match up directly. But one of my extra circulars is a club that competes regionally not just on the state level (midwest state) but in tier F it talks about state level while the one above it is national. So I picked the one that is most true for me that is state level so I marked it as F.

Hope this helps! If yud like you can comment what the activity is and I can guide you to the correct tier. Have a good day and good luck!


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