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how do i change my grading scale from precentage to GPA 4?

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my grade are in precentage, to be accepted in a college i should change them to GPA 4.


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I used CollegeVine's GPA converter and it made it easy to convert my GPA to a 4.0 scale:

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Typically, 0% to 59.99% is an F or 0.00 GPA, 60% to 69.99% is a D or 1.00 GPA, 70% to 79.99% is a C or 2.00 GPA, 80 to 89.99% is a B or 3.00, and 90% to 100% is an A or a 4.00. If your school has AP/IB or honors courses, the GPA can be out of 5.00, where the letter grades corresponds to one higher level. To get your overall GPA, take the average of the GPA for all of your courses. You can also typically find this on your transcript.