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Is Brown inclusive, regarding international students?

In the webpage, it says that "15% of Brown's students come from abroad", but it seems like only americans are accepted in Brown. I mean, I hope I'm wrong-Brown is my dream school, but it doesn't mean I'm not scared of being discriminated. I'm just a junior, but I really want to know before going absolutely nuts with senioritis and stuff.

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I'm curious why you think only Americans are accepted to Brown—was that from visiting or talking to other students? As far as I know that 15% number is pretty accurate, and it's pretty similar for most highly selective colleges. All these schools do admit a significant number of international students relative to their overall size.

The caveat is that most of these schools (excluding a few: HYP, MIT, and Amherst, and also Penn specifically for Canadian/Mexican students), are what's called need-aware for international students, which means that they look at financial need (basically whether or not you apply for financial aid) when making admissions decisions. That means that a lot of the international students that do get in tend to be wealthy enough to be able to pay the full cost—maybe that's what you've seen. But no you're not going to be discriminated against for being international.


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