11 months ago
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SAT essay?

I scored a 1500 on my SAT (1600 is perfect, put me in 99th%), but only scored 16/24 on the essay: Is that a poor essay score? Will it affect my acceptance chances at all?


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11 months ago

Here is a list of colleges that require the SAT essay and the colleges that recommend the SAT essay.

Unless you are applying to this very short list of colleges, I wouldn't worry about it much.


Just for reference, most elite colleges say 85%+ do not care about the SAT essay. In the last cycle, UC schools wanted it and the target score for UCLA and Berkeley was like 18+. Schools like Stanford and the Ivy's used to care more about these and considered a 20+ a good score.

Here's a video link to SupertutorTV's take on SAT/ACT essays.

She reveals that some top schools still think it can help you if you have a high score.


Good Luck


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