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a year ago
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i want to do an internship at the hospital my dad works at and if i did what tier would it go under?

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a year ago

That's largely going to depend on what hospital the internship is at and what you do during the internship. While an internship at a hospital will look good, an internship at a well known/respected hospital will most likely be a different tier than one at a small rural hospital. The biggest determining factor is whether this internship is going to be paid and what you actually do during the internship. If it's an unpaid internship where you don't take on a lot of responsibility (you don't work/lead any projects) you're probably looking at a tier G activity or maybe a tier F. If the internship is paid, you lead a project, or have a lot of responsibility you could maybe get away with putting it at a tier D but I wouldn't put anything higher than that.


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