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03/20/2020 at 03:01AM

The CV calculator dings kids with limited number of AP classes. What happens to kids with limited AP options?

The CV calculator clearly dings the odds of admission in a big way for the limited number of AP classes.

In the real world, don't colleges adjust for kids who take the hardest possible course load but are limited by a school's offerings? Perhaps leaning more heavily on top test scores?

Based on preliminary results from a few colleges the calculator overestimated the degree of difficulty.

I suggest the calculator could be improved by asking what percentage of AP classes offered were taken if, in fact, colleges make the claimed adjustments.

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03/20/2020 at 05:22PM

Yes you're correct about how colleges will look at AP classes and availability, and it's important to remember that when looking through results here.

Still, I'd assume the problem with making those adjustments in a general algorithm like the one here is that there's no way to adjust for an individual high school and still have a big enough sample size to make a statistically accurate prediction. It might be a good idea to compare your results here to the ones you get in Naviance (assuming your HS has access to it), since while Naviance doesn't have the same level of detail as CV, it is really good at showing your stats in context with your HS.