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Organization name on commomapp activites section

I tutor middle school students in my school district as part of a club. The club is called "Link". So I was wondering if I should list this name of the club as the organization name, even though it is unique to my school and no one will be able to tell that it is a tutoring club based on the name. Should I just say that I tutor middle schoolers and leave the name blank or should I still include it?


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8 months ago

I would include the name because it highlights how the tutoring is an organized thing. However, you should definitely make sure the reviewer knows that it's a tutoring club.

I'd recommend either:

(a) making the organization name "Link Tutoring Club" (or something similar) or

(b) describing what you do for the club (i.e. tutoring) in the position/leadership description section.

The former is, in my opinion, probably better as it leaves you space in the leadership description to go more in-depth regarding your role with the club

Good luck with your applications!

8 months ago[edited]


Of course, you should keep the name. I think the Organization name is required on Common App. So you may not really have a choice, my friend. But even if you did? Still keep it. Because it presents this activity as legitimate. Tells your AO: This is not fluff.

You can put it like, "Link District Tutoring" but I think this sounds unwieldy.

Link is a great name in its monosyllabism; keeping that is advisable.

So between your position/title and description, you should be able to inform us that it is a tutoring activity.

Title: Volunteer Regional Tutor

Org name: Link


Wish you the best!


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