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Foregin Language Requirement

I have spent 12 years attending a foreign language school here in the US on top of regular school.

I did not take a foreign language in high school, I instead went to a foreign language school.

I have a diploma-would that satisfy a foreign language requirement?

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a year ago

It probably should satisfy any foreign language requirement, but your best bet is to contact the schools you're applying to or check their websites. Better safe than sorry.

Good luck with your application(s)!

a year ago

Yes, that should satisfy the foreign language requirement. If you wanted to, you could list each year you studied foreign language in high school separately on your transcript (Freshman: Foreign Language 1; Sophomore: Foreign Language 2; Junior: Foreign Language 3, etc.) That would certainly be more than enough.

See this link for more information on what states require foreign language credits:


Hope this helps you!


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