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Advice for running a club for elementry students


Hello! So right now they're are 2 students in elementary school interested in joining a club I made for elementary students. It's not much but I'm having a hard time deciding on things to do in the beginning,. I have some projects that teach them the basics of what were doing in the club to help them get them started with projects they might want to do. I also have some group projects all three of us could collaborate on. Or should I just wait for new members? I want to make it as engaging and fun if you have any advice on how I could do that or just working with younger students I'd appreciate It!


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Hello! I would recommending emailing nearby elementary school teachers and maybe principals. People are also looking for activities for elementary schoolers especially low income communities who can't afford fancy extracurriculars. I knew a girl in my NHS chapter who did a project where she went to title 1 elementary schools and taught different art forms like visual, dance, music, writing, etc. It was a great success and lots of people were involved. She did it by contacting teachers and to help teach the kids she asked for help from NHS members (they were able to get volunteer hours from it). If it's only q couple of kids you might be fine on your own, but make sure to be organized with activities and create a lot of structure.