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How accurate is CollegeVine?

I am wondering how accurate collegevine's changing is because I don't think its correct for me. I am a Hispanic female with a 3.63 UW GPA, 1360 sat score, and "Excellent" Extracurriculars, but it lists schools like Notre Dame and University of Michigan as safeties (with 83%-88% chancing). I am applying as a communications major. I may be wrong but I believe those schools are definitely reaches for me. I know this is a very weird year for college admissions but I just don't feel like this is correct, if anything I believe these should go from target/reach to reach/long reach.


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10 months ago

I agree with you. That sounds odd because those are Top 20-25 schools and typically the UWGPAs are 3.88/4.06 and the ACT are 31-34 UMich, 33-35 ND and the SAT are 1350-1500 for UMich and 1400 to 1550 for ND.

In my humble opinion, I do feel that being a Hispanic female gives you a boost but I'm not sure if I would consider either of these schools a safety.

I would consider U Michigan to be a Target for you and definitely apply and submit your 1360. And I would consider Notre Dame a Hard Target for you, and CV think you should submit your 1360 but I'd perhaps not submit a test score ( that's up to you ). If you wanted to try your luck with a Reach, perhaps try NorthWestern because they have a great communications school. And if you want an option for a Safety/Target school that has one of the best Communications schools I would recommend Syracuse's Newhouse school. I think your stats are right in their sweet spot. My dad went to SU, and the Newhouse School is top-notch.



Best of Luck in your decision and application process.


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