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Language Requirements Top 20/Ivy

Is it true that you have to take a language all 4 years for certain Ivy/Top 20 schools or would taking an AP class in that language be equivalent to that? For context, the only language my school offers is Russian, and as a native speaker, I’m taking College/AP Russian junior year. Our school offers Russian Business senior year, but almost no one takes it, and taking it would restrict me from taking classes I’m passionate about like Creative Writing at our local college. What should I do?

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This is definitely not true. You do not have to take four years of a language to be accepted into a selective Top 20 college. Indeed having three years of a language already shows a strong commitment to the subject. Additionally, you already seem to be taking very rigorous classes in Russian and hopefully have proven your capabilities in the class. This is great and admissions officers will note this! If your passion is creative writing, and you are, in fact, applying for this as a college major it would be advantageous for you to continue taking classes related to your major of interest!

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