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What activities can I be a part of?

Hi! I am currently a freshman in high school and I plan to become an adolescent/developmental psychologist. My school doesn't offer Psychology classes, but it has some other Health classes that relate somewhat to Psychology. I am currently about to take a Developmental Psychology class next semester(I am dual-enrolled), but I am worried that just that one class won't make a significant difference. I understand that I need some experience in the area that I am trying to pursue, if I want to get accepted into the college I plan to go to(UC-Berk), and that is why I need some suggestions on Psychology, Sociology, and other mental health related groups or activities I can be a part of. Again, my school doesn't have Psychology classes, but I am willing to start a new group at my school in order to get the experience I need. Thanks in advance to anyone who answers!


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3 years ago

One great way to get involved is to reach out to local universities to see if they have any graduate students who would be willing to work with you as a sort of intern - while not all will, it never hurts to ask!

As for mental health, this is a fantastic way to get involved within your school. While an organization based on general interest in psychology isn't a bad idea, I think an organization dedicated to monitoring mental health within your school community is something that could get much more traction. you could work with a science/statistics teacher to see how to properly conduct an experiment or survey, and using the school'd population as your sample, try to understand the major causes of mental health issues within the school - this could actively help administrators in their approach, and would really boost your application if your self-started interest lead to active change within your school!

Hope this helps! Best of luck on your admissions journey!

3 years ago

Reaching out to local universities for research is a great option. You could try taking psychology as an online AP class. Maybe try calling your local mental health awareness group and volunteering for them. Also, my high school has something called Hope Squad, and they are like suicide prevention teens who spread awareness about health issues. You could start a group like that at your high school. You could also volunteer at a hospital and work with kids. Maybe l, you could start an initiative to bring mental health resources to kids.

Good luck

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