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Any tips for writing a "Why I am a good fit for this program"? essay?

Hello! I'm thinking about applying to a rigorous program in my state. However, I'm having trouble answering this question, any advice on what to mainly talk about or associate with?


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10 months ago

Although it can seem tempting, try to stay away from more vague answers like, "I love the aspect of community, the great professors, etc." While these are all great things about a program, they're also things you could say about virtually any program of any college in the country.


1. Be ultra specific about aspects that attract you AND THEN ALSO

2. Relate these aspects to who you are as an applicant. This second point is crucial because while colleges appreciate that you've done your research into their program, the essay still is you "selling yourself" as a great fit and someone who will do well at their school.

Here's an example:

"One of the most exciting courses offered at (Program name) is (Course Name) taught by (Professor Name). The class is specifically focused around (specific interest) which would greatly help me develop my interest in (interest/research focus name), as I did in high school by participating in (directly related activity).

Hope this helps a little! Best of luck to you in all your admissions!

10 months ago

I would try to set yourself apart from others, bring up things you are really good at, what you could bring to this program to make it better, ex: your willingness to learn, your new ideas. Include any extracurriculars that concern the thing you are applying to. Good luck!


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