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What are the best free online resources for studying for the ACT (especially the STEM sections)?


What are the best free online resources for studying for the ACT (especially the STEM sections)? So far I only know about Khan Academy which I used for SAT.

Thank you so much in advance!


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I tried everything to get my STEM scores up, books, online lessons, youtube, practice tests but the best investment for me was the ACT program on SuperTutorTV.com. I improved my STEM Math and Science to 35. It's worth the $250 if you want a high score in my opinion. I don't think I learned how to do math or science better because I already got an A in Calculus and have As in AP BIO, AP ENV, AP PHYSICs but she taught me how to take the test, and unfortunately that more important than repeating the same process of taking practice tests over and over with very little improvement. Someone needs to break it down to how to take the test and Brooke does the best job.

Good Luck.

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Linked below are the only resources I used to study for my ACT, and was able to improve my score significantly through just practicing. IF you are looking for more specific help/practice questions, purchasing an ACT study book is also a good investment!

Full length practice tests:


Short practice sections:


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ACT has some free resources at actacademy.act.org - not quite as much as the SAT practice on Khan, but still a good way to get started and test yourself. Hope that helps!!


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