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a year ago
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If I got accepted into Forest Hills High School in NY as a transfer student in NY from Benjamin N. Cardozo, should I go?

Cardozo high is ranked 3,640 in nation and farther away from me. Forest hills high is closer and ranked about 2,000 in the nation. If I stay in Cardozo, I will be able to take more honors classes and potentially more AP exams if anything. I also have an opportunity for a leadership position in one of the science clubs later on. Forest hills has a better science Olympiad team then Cardozo and I’m part of the Cardozo team and we haven’t won top 10 in the state while the other school has. Forest hills is significantly close to me than Cardozo were there is some trouble for me getting to school on time going to Cardozo.


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a year ago

something that's important to remember when you're looking at different high schools is that things that are student-driven will change regularly, and things that are school policies will usually stay the same. so like, the courses you can take probably won't change all that much, but something like a school winning a statewide science olympiad might just be because the students on that year's team were really good (and the ones on the next year's team might not be).

I don't know these schools specifically so I can't really say what you should do, but also keep in mind that colleges will look at your achievements in context with the high school you go to, so they'll adjust for things like more or less AP classes being offered as well.

a year ago

Even though I don't go to any of those schools(I go to Brooklyn Tech) and I am a junior, pick the school that offers more options for academics, clubs, opportunities, internships, and extra curriculars. I honestly don't know anything about those schools but do your research, talk to teachers/staff there, but most importantly talk to the students, they will give you the real deal about that school, bc they are experiencing everything, not the teacher. Also talk to your guidance counselor they can be very helpful, or ot. But ultimately the choice is yours.Pick the school that will help you for college the most. Hopes this helps.


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