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What tier would these summer programs be?

I attended the Harvard Summer School Pre-College Program and the Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes programs this summer. They were paid, but highly selective and STEM-focused. Though they were not for credit, the Harvard courses required that we pass a final exam and the Stanford course required a final paper which was then published on the professor's blog. I wanted to add these to my extracurriculars on my profile, but I wasn't sure what tier I should rank them. Technically, because they are paid but required applications, they are Tier I, but I feel like they were more rigorous and competitive than that. Please let me know what you guys think. Thanks for your help!

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In my opinion they would be Tier I.

Tier I

I participated in study abroad through my school OR I attended a paid summer program requiring an application

Tier F is the next one up and these would not fit into the criteria:

I attended any other free (for the full summer program, application fee and cost of living out of pocket okay), application required summer program associated with a university or reputable entity like NASA or a journalism foundation


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