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Help, I am new to all this, please can anyone tell me more about financial-aid or how it helps me?

I am a Junior and now I am knowing about financial-aid and I guess I was supposed to know about it last year in my Sophomore year. Now because of Covid-19, I was not able to know what it is.

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@CameronBameron11 months ago

Are you an International student or in the US?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@JustRipoolLuck711 months ago

in US

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11 months ago

you are in the US, then essentially it is something you fill out when applying to colleges in senior year to help you pay for college.

11 months ago

If you are in the US, financial aid will help you pay for college! You apply for financial aid through the FAFSA during your senior year (some schools may require the CSS Profile as well), and it helps schools determine financial aid packages and see if you're eligible for any federal aid.


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