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How does the waitlist thing work? Will that mess up the deposit deadlines?

I am a homeschooler and got accepted to Boston College, UNC-Chapel Hill, and four others, I am now on the waitlist of UVA and Georgetown. I am a bit worried about the dates: according to these schools, I have to commit and pay a deposit before May 1st, but waitlist decisions are released in Mid-May, which is after the deadline. I really want to go to Georgetown, and if I got accepted in May, but paid the deposit to another school, what will happen then? Am I stuck with the previous school, or can I un-commit and go to Georgetown?

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2 years ago

It is extremely rare to actually get off the waitlist. I really think you should commit to an accepted school. Boston College and UNC are great! Once you pay a deposit, you can't uncommit to that school.

2 years ago

You absolutely CAN un-commit to the school you've chosen if you get off a waitlist elsewhere, but you'll lose your deposit money. (And if you think about it, this should make sense—schools won't know how many spots they have open to take people off the waitlist until after the deposit deadline.)

Waitlist acceptances are extremely rare though, so you should definitely pick a school to commit to that you'd be happy attending. If you do get into Georgetown, you can forego your deposit at that other school and then commit to Georgetown instead.


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