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I'm a senior in high school and I'm a Cameroonian(Africa) and I really want to go to UPENN I dont know if this will any

I am a senior and have little finances and wish to do work study in UPENN.I wish to ask for the cheapest financial aid recommendations and I wish to ask If my nationality will disrupt me as international student from Cameroon (Africa).

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Firstly, UPENN is a very competitive school and as an international student seeking lots of aid, it's even more competitive. The best form of aid you can get is through UPENN themselves. On your common app you'll need to select yes, you'll be applying for financial aid. You'll also apply through the College Scholarship Service(CSS) which is a section under Collegeboard, it's available now so you can add PENN to your list. Your nationality only applies to the fact that UPENN is need aware to international students. This means, they may not admit you if they can't meet your demonstrated need. Also, you should reach out to an EDUCATIONUSA organisation in your country, they may have additional info about scholarships you are eligible for. Just check out their website. If possible, reach out to your principal or guidance counselor who may know of support you can receive from your country.

With that being said, it's best to apply to at least 8 schools(especially those that meet 100% of demonstrated need and are very generous) to increase your options. I hope this helps.

10 months ago

Hello! Don't worry, being an international student is good, because they look for people from as many countries as possible. That being said, make sure to do really well in school and do great extracurriculars. Good luck!


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