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When should I start preparing for SATs

I'm from India. I have recently graduated from 9th grade, and I have started my 10th grade. I would like to know when I should start preparing for my SATs. My father advised me to start preparing after my 10th grade board exams so I can concentrate on my boards. However, I personally feel like I should start preparing earlier. I would like to get your opinion on when I should start studying for the SAT and when I should take my PSATs. Should I start preparing now or at the end of 10th grade?

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You should be looking to take your PSAT in the beginning of 10th to see where you are. Then start to practice in between your boards so you can slowly get used to the SAT format. Although if you are good at studying then you can wait until after your boards. Your SAT practice should involve a lot of practice and a lot of practice tests. You should take an actual SAT from the end of 10th to the summer before 12th grade starts and at latest the fall of 12th grade.

Good luck, Simeon

P.S. Make sure you work on your best sections first then work on the stronger sections later.


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