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11/09/2020 at 02:59PM

Anyone else have essay anxiety?

This might be a stupid question but I wanted to ask because I'm hoping someone can give me some tips or tricks or advice that worked for them. So I'm applying to 10 schools total and already applied to a couple. I've spent a lot of time on my essays and feel like they're in a really good spot but now that I've submitted my applications to a couple schools I can't stop second guessing myself. I keep looking over my essays and wishing I made changes or said things differently. I've even gone so far as copying the essays I submitted, changing a few words or phrases, and then I re-read them to see if the changes are better. That ends up making me even more anxious.

Does anyone else do this? Or are their other people who are anxious about their essays? I know being a little anxious is normal because applying to college is stressful but I'm focusing a lot on essays I already submitted when I know I should be focusing on finishing my other applications. If people could give me any advice or something that worked for them I'd like to hear. Or honestly even if you are anxious about your essays too and don't have advice I wouldn't mind hearing from you

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11/09/2020 at 04:20PM

It is ok to worry, to be nervous. There is nothing you can do about them now but I'm sure they are great. Feel confident in your other abilities and remind yourself things that give you a boost. Maybe you have a great SAT, or competitive extracurriculars. Remember, rejection is redirection. They are telling you that you wouldn't be happy there. You will do great, going to college alone is impressive. Good luck!

11/11/2020 at 04:55AM

Ahhhh I’ve been the exact same way. I’ve put all of my essays into a “These are Completed” folder, and it is kind of my lock-away-box. I will not check it. It is well hidden at the very bottom of my giant stack of GoogleDocs. What’s done is done, and if you feel good, just feel good. You’re doing your best, and now is really not the time to be second guessing. Just go with what you have done, and all will work out how it is meant to. I know that’s an “easier said than done” type thing, but honestly, you will get where you need to go dude.

Best of luck :)