3 years ago
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Submitting apps early and losing motivation?

I had a few schools which I applied to already and now that those apps are out of the way I haven't touched anything to do with colleges lol. Not to mention with covid and all my classes being online I have a major case of senioritis. Once these applications are out of the way it'll get even worse I bet. I know I need to get back to working on them but it's been so nice being able to relax and not think about essays and stuff for a little bit. Who else is in the same boat? I'll get back to writing eventually but I was just curious if anyone else feels the same way and what they're doing about it

@Gggg1233 years ago

When u said senioritis,I felt that

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3 years ago

Yessss... I can totally relate. After submitting my early apps a lot of the pressure of writing college essays has been lifted and the schools im now applying for are less exciting to me. I've kinda spent the last week doing nothing but schoolwork.

What I am now doing to fix this:

- trying to make myself more excited about college (as I used to be) by looking up fun vlogs and videos

- researching the colleges i am applying to (which is not only helpful for answering some of the prompts but has made me more interested in the schools)

- spreading out the workload so I am not writing all my essays at once

- taking a walk to clear my head was honestly so helpful in increasing my motivation. its so hard to write when I am trying to think about so many things

- writing down a more detailed list of everything that i have to do so that i feel a little more stressed about meeting the deadlines

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