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I haven't taken all the most rigorous courses possible. How will this affect admission at more competitive schools?

I am well rounded Junior in a relatively competitive high-school, but this year I chose not to take AP courses for Language arts and History. I felt as if I wasn't as well prepared for this year because the quality of education our school gave during the second half of sophomore year was a mess (because of Covid-19). I'm taking AP Physics 1, AP Calculus AB, and AP Biology this year, and plan on taking all AP courses for my 4 core classes in senior year; for reference the last year's valedictorian took 12 APs. Will the most competitive colleges dislike the fact that I didn't seek the most rigorous courses at my school?

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10 months ago

In general, probably not. It is a very smart choice to take an honors language arts or history if you feel like you have a better chance of getting an A in those classes as opposed to getting a 4 or 5 on the AP tests. You are already showing that you are ambitious by taking all AP STEM classes. Unless you are hoping to major in English or a similar humanities major, they are probably not going to mind if you chose not to take those AP classes.


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